The Rise of Online Virtual Canvases: Taking Collaboration Beyond Video Meetings

These new spaces can facilitate the organic flow of ideas, brainstorming sessions, and project collaboration outside of meetings.

Story by David Maldow, No Jitter

As we move toward this mix of working in-person and online, we’re shifting all our office tools into the digital world for remote workers. Instead of physical files, we’re using Google Drive and One Drive, our usual computer tools are now cloud-based, and we stay connected with our team through chat and video calls.

But here’s where it gets interesting. The shift to virtual gives us the opportunity to go beyond copying our physical office setup into the digital space. We’re now using software to create completely new ways of collaborating that we couldn’t even think of in a physical office. The best example is online collaborative canvases. These types of tools only make sense in the online world, taking collaboration way beyond what we’re used to in a typical office.

The Traditional Constraints of Collaboration Tools

In the past, our reliance on conventional collaboration tools, primarily centered around video meetings and file-sharing platforms, posed significant limitations. These tools, while essential, were designed around the premise of replicating in-person interactions virtually. They were great at connecting individuals in real-time there’s simply more to collaboration than meetings.

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