The Seeds of Failure Are Sown in Your Own Success


Story by Simon Dudley

I go to a lot of conferences, and I mean a lot. The irony of being a heavily traveled Video Conferencing Evangelist is not lost on me or the thousands of folks I meet every year. However, I take solace in the fact that’s it’s my job to educate people about the power of video, and that requires me to travel quite a bit.

At these conferences I’m often asked about the “hows” of our technology—how does it work, how is the user experience, how will it improve my people or my business, etc. While an answer would seem appropriate here, people are often caught off guard when I simply change the conversation and ask a question in response. The question never changes.

What would you do if your top client went away?

This often flusters people. Even speaking hypothetically, the thought of losing their top client is such an uncomfortable topic that most people don’t want to consider it. But if we are being completely honest, it’s a hypothetical question. Most companies spend so much time looking after their top accounts that losing a top client will likely never happen.

What’s the problem in that?

The trouble is that your top clients become ever more important, which then means you spend ever more time with them—leaving smaller clients, the ones you want to nourish so they become big clients, hanging in the balance.

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About Author

Simon Dudley is a leading authority on the power of technology to change what success in business looks like. He helps businesses understand these changes, along with the consequences and advantages. With over 25 years in the technology sector, his background includes sales, engineering, product marketing, brand marketing, and design. Drawing from that diverse background, Simon is able to bring a dynamic perspective to everything he does. Simon is currently Chief Contrarian at Excession Events, along with being a sought after public speaker and Wired Magazine contributor. The opinions expressed in Simon’s commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video.

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