The WebRTC Race Begins Today


Story by Chip Wilcox

Editor’s note: Chip Wilcox is the CEO of Temasys.

As recently as 2012, it seemed that Web Real-Time Communication, or WebRTC, was so clandestine that the technology was a skunk works project, hidden in a back office somewhere in Silicon Valley. It is now an emerging standard of web communication that makes high-definition, high-resolution, low-bandwidth video, audio chat and peer-to-peer data transfer as simple as a single browser link.

Last year was crucial for the conversation to emerge from the developer realm and move toward the mainstream, observable through three key trends: widespread adoption; device proliferation; and rising market values. 

Rising Adoption, Proliferation and Market Values

The trend is clear: communications systems are moving to incorporate WebRTC, with global players molding or adopting the technology. Communications itself is converging to a single platform, served by the WebRTC standard, which the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and theWorld Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are working in tandem to formalize.

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