Think Security First Before Going BYOD for Business Videoconferencing

With the rapid adoption of enterprise video communication, BYOD and the increased usage of cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) applications, privacy and security should be a first order of business.

Story by Patrick Moorhead, CIO

At my analyst firm, our vision of tomorrow’s office has more people working remotely, globally and essentially as hired guns. “Work” isn’t a place: it’s what one does in a cab, in a coffee shop, at home, and, oh, in an office. A temporary one.

While invented back in the mid-1960s by AT&T, when it comes to technology that supports that vision of work, video communications is a critical tool. While face-to-face communication has been proven to lead to greater productivity, more meetings today are taking place over video. However, while video communication adoption is soaring, with it comes the real risk of potential privacy and security problems.

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