Three AV Storms We Should All Be Prepared to Face After InfoComm 2014


Story by Julian Phillips

I started my annual pilgrimage to InfoComm stranded at Philadelphia airport as a series of storms hit the East Coast. I soon realized the real cause of my flight delay was not the storm itself, but climate change as a whole, making more delays an inevitable fact of life. Of course, it was not long before I drew parallels with the AV industry.

Here’s my theory: the fate of AV is already cast in stone, much like climate change. The industry is going to evolve. Accept what is going to happen, look for ways to mitigate the risks, and maximize the opportunities that change always creates. The storms of the AV industry are just the symptoms of the bigger picture. Storm survival is not a strategy for the future. Instead, you have to adapt and transform.

So, what sorts of AV storms were InfoComm storm chasers confronted with at Vegas?

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