Top 7 Video Marketing Trends 2019


Every year, new video trends are used to improve online marketing. Although it is not always a smart idea to follow every trend, however, it’s always an excellent idea to look out for them as a video marketer.

In 2019, we’ve noticed how some trends increased tremendously, while others have begun to die down. Sometimes, it’s challenging to keep up with these video trends, so we had that sorted out for you.

Below are the top seven (7) video marketing trends to look out for in 2019.

#1 Live Videos
The pattern in 2017 was the creation of Facebook Live videos. Today, Facebook Live seems to be fading away as a trend, but live videos, in general, are still trending. Live videos have become a powerhouse in the video marketing sector. The reason why live videos have trended for so long is that it creates live interaction with people; it has never failed when it comes to keeping the audience engaged.

If you are a regular visitor on Snapchat and Instagram, you might have noticed users going live more frequently, maybe even daily. The live sessions most times comprise of an immediate response to questions asked by viewers(existing and potential customers).

Instagram makes it possible for you to save these live sessions on your profile, giving others a chance to rewatch it at their convenience. The only downside to this is that you can’t interact in real-time. The use of live video is so essential because it re-enacts the feeling of being live on TV or radio gives. Individuals all over the globe, being able to view what you have to offer simultaneously.

#2 Shoppable Videos
This is another video marketing trend that is spiking up. The video adverts are used to provide links to the products which the user wishes to sell. A lot of these can be seen on Instagram Stories and Snapchat feature. This trend will become very refined with time.

For instance, if a table is displayed in a shoppable video, viewers can examine it and even find out the specific model and where to purchase the product. This also applies to a video review of a laptop on YouTube. So it’s inevitable that you’ll come across more shoppable videos, featuring various products in a story’s stream, often with a link that leads viewers to the product’s landing page.

#3 Video Conferencing
Applications like Google Duo and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing features radically. Video conferencing is simply a video call highlighting one individual speaking with a group of persons—and this type of video can be used for tutoring or in webinars.

It’s an essential tool to use during seminars over the web (webinars). The thought of reaching a far wider audience from the comfort of your home is exciting. The credibility of video conferencing in passing information is better than the use of voice calls, messaging apps, or even sending an email. You can use fast translation services like The Word Point to reach a wider audience by translating your webinars into various languages simultaneously.

Another wonderful thing about video conferencing is that you can engage with your audience or viewers non-verbally. While engaging in a conference call, adding emotions and gestures also make it a better experience.

#4 Vlogging
Vlogging is one of the new video trends that are quite fun and difficult to ignore. As a lot of video platforms such as YouTube keep evolving, the art of vlogging also evolves alongside.

Currently, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the prominent vlogging sites. With the ability of live-stream, vloggers are broadening the sort of content they put out. Now and again, they’re incorporating live streaming into their weekly or daily vlogged content. Whether you have started using vlogs to reach or expand your audience of not, one thing is sure; vlogging is here to stay, well, at least, before a better trend comes up.

#5 Search Engine Optimization For Videos
When you mention search engine optimization, most people will immediately think of keywords. Well, there is good news for video marketers as searched videos are spiking up. Videos have gotten to the highest point of organic search results on both mobile and desktop platforms.

In fact, Google has announced that they’ll be using artificial intelligence(AI) to distinguish bits of video related search inquiries and have an ‘autoplay’ button on the search result pages. This will make the video significantly crucial to search engine optimization for brands and organizations.

This new development from Google will furthermore expand the importance of optimizing your video content for search results—just as you would with an article; you’re website or videos will rank higher on search engines. The higher your videos rank on Google, the more awareness for your business or brand.

#6 Optimizing for No Sound
There’s a pretty good chance that you have seen several videos on social media that were soundless. Basically, the way videos can be presented online has completely evolved. You can decide to add sound or not; either way, you are not losing out on its benefits. This kind of optimization is expected to become more prevalent in the future as more viewers shift their viewing and listening behaviors.

Since the majority of the videos are viewed on smartphones and in crowded areas, video makers are creating content to cater to this need. Popular video makers like BuzzFeed are using this to their advantage by making videos that are independent of human voices. This makes it incredibly easy to view a video without the need for sound.

Also, most social media platforms have sounds turned off by default, which means that, yet again, video creators have to put this into consideration when making visual content for their audience.

#7 The Use of Stories Will Increase
As already mentioned, stories have become very popular on social media in recent years. Stories have been modified to not only accommodate images but longer videos as well. The trend of stories is expected to increase rapidly in the next couple of years since the format is versatile for viewers and advertisers.

Content creators have used platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat to share their videos and as a result, gain popularity. Because of interesting features like the comment section, like and dislike button, playback button, and so on, these platforms have been able to attract a broader audience.

Final Thoughts
The use of videos for content management is a great way to familiarize your products and services with a target audience. If you are considering video marketing, you should try out these trends and harness their possibilities for your business. These trends are not suitable for all types of platforms; however, their advantages cannot be ignored for the growth of brand and product awareness.


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