The Trillion Dollar 3D Telepresence Gold Mine


Story by Charlie Fink, Forbes

We decided to find out if what Microsoft says is true: remote volumetric telepresence and collaboration can and will be done, sooner than people think and–despite obvious technical hurdles–it will be the killer app of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Rewind. It took the personal computer roughly 15 years to hit an inflection point and become a consumer product everyone had to have. At first its killer app, email, which most people first got at work, didn’t seem so revolutionary. Hardly anyone outside the company was using it. The network effect, a phenomenon whereby a service becomes more valuable when more people use it, hadn’t kicked in. New technology always penetrates the enterprise before the home. Once people started getting Internet online services with a personal email address, it made the PC something everyone had to have at home. The telephone is another great example. The more people who got one, the more people had to have one.

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