True Stories of Halloween Horror – Scary Video Conferencing Stories


Story by Jennifer Contino

In celebration of Halloween we’d like to share with you some dreadful legends of video conferencing gone wrong.  So grab your blanket, flash lights and turn the lights out for some horrific video conferencing tales!

The Tale of the Mysterious Noises
Urban legend says an executive conducted a meeting with a large number of employees via video conference.  He needed a break, so he placed his call on mute, or so he thought, and stepped away to use the restroom.  During his break, his colleagues attempted to carry on with the meeting, but were distracted by strange noises making it nearly impossible to continue on with their meeting.  The attendees sat and looked at each other wondering what these strange noises were, when all of a sudden there was a flush. The executive returned and muted his microphone, then unmuted his microphone realizing his moment away from the call had not been so private after all.

The Early Riser
The story goes that a young man needed to be up early for a video call in the morning.  He wasn’t a morning person so he decided to take the call in his kitchen.  As the call began the computer went on sleep mode so the camera went to sleep, only to be woken by movement or audio.  As the call went on the young man decided to make some eggs and coffee.  During this call there was a loud that startled all of the attendees.  It just so happens the crash was from the young man’s kitchen, so his camera turned on and all the attendees saw exactly what the crash was.  It was the young man on the floor of his kitchen, catching his pots and pans that fell as he tried to reach for the pan to make his eggs, and he was sitting covered in cartoon pajamas.

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