TrueConf Enterprise Connects Notary Chambers and Enables Communication For Employees

The Center for Innovation and Information Technology Foundation has implemented a TrueConf Enterprise video conferencing solution at the Federal Notary Chamber of Russia. The aim was to improve the communication quality between the 3856 employees of 84 notary chambers, covering a range that spans from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

March 11 2015, Moscow, Russia – The Center for Innovation and Information Technology Foundation is the operator for the Unified Notary Information System of Russia and provides informational assistance to all the notary officers in the Russian Federation. The immensity of the territory, which stretches from Kaliningrad in the West to Kamchatka in the far East, creates an enormous communications challenge. The aim was to connect all 84 notary chambers, all notary officers and the chambers’ employees in the specific areas of provided services and notary activities.

The video conferencing solution, based on TrueConf’s distributed video conferencing system, has managed to fulfill all the Foundation’s needs. Today, the system connects 3856 users from 84 notary chambers.

Leonid Voytsuk, System Networking Administrator at the Center for Innovation and Information Technology Foundation, says: “The fact that TrueConf is a domestic product paid a great role in choosing a video conferencing system. Moreover, the system had to be secured and able to work both in the local network and outside of it. The solution is easy to install and manage, there is no need to purchase any specialized hardware equipment, and any modern PC can act as a server for the system. But the main advantage is the fact that there are easy to adopt client applications for all platforms. We could not imagine that the system would be used so actively when we deployed it.”

Video conferencing at the Federal Notary Chamber is organized as follows:

  • Virtual meetings are organized between the System Administrators of the Russian notary chambers each Tuesday.
  • The Commission on Information Technologies of Federal Notary Chamber and Commissions on information technologies from regional notary chambers conduct their meetings in symmetric multipoint video conference mode.
  • Distance learning for notary officers is organized through role-based video conferences (with the aid of slide shows, presentations, video materials and screen sharing).
  • WebRTC-based web conferences are used to increase the number of users and to involve third-party participants without requiring registration.

Due to the time zone differences, not everyone is comfortable with connecting to weekly virtual meetings for FNC administrators. The Foundation records these sessions and then uploads them to their website.

The Center for Science and Methodic Aid for Notary Activities is organized by the Federal Notary Chamber. This Center deals with education and skill development for Russian notary officers. The Foundation supports the Center to organize their distance learning, which helps their far-flung audience reduce costs connected to travel by offering them online conferences. The conference hosts can invite lectors from any place with an Internet connection.

“We have a very big country! It can be difficult to gather people in one place and conduct an immediate meeting. Now the Federal Notary Chamber has several commissions who’s participants are using TrueConf to save their time and money,” says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. “We are glad that the Federal Notary Chamber chose us, the domestic vendor, especially when various organizations and companies are troubled looking for an affordable substitute for foreign solutions.”

About TrueConf,
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Michael Gotalsky,
TrueConf CEO
Tel.: 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263)

Leonid Voytsuk
System Networking Administrator
Center for Innovation and Information Technology Foundation
Tel.: +7 (495)730-57-05 ext. 1330


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