TrueConf Supports RTSP Broadcasts in Video Conferencing Sessions

TrueConf has extended its video conferencing server features by adding support for audio and video broadcasting from any RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) source. TrueConf Server users can now instantly receive a live feed from any location by calling on an IP camera or adding a broadcast to a video conference.

May 20, 2015, Moscow – TrueConf Server is the first enterprise video conferencing system which supports RTSP broadcasts to video conferences ‘on the fly’. In addition to existing SIP and H.323 support, the RTSP protocol gives users the ability to host and attend live broadcasts in video conferencing sessions without the need for additional hardware or software.

The RTSP protocol is used for live audio/video streaming in real time. Users only need a URL link to an RTSP broadcast to connect. TrueConf Server offers two ways of connecting to such broadcasts: by adding an RTSP source to the Address Book, or by entering a link to the source in the address bar of the client application and clicking the Call button.

To get information about their company workflow in real time, managers can simply call a necessary RTSP camera, whether in the central office, warehouse or even at the factory shop. Thanks to the recording feature in TrueConf Server, any problems can be recorded and the record can be later used during the problem solving process.

“It is very important for modern executives to follow everything that happens in their company. Support for the RTSP protocol in TrueConf Server not only gives you the ability to follow important objects, but also to connect the RTSP broadcasts of other sessions, video surveillance or other important events to video conferences,” says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. “We have extended the capabilities of our solutions to give our clients an opportunity to use video conferencing systems to reach their business objectives in the fastest and most efficient manner.”

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