TrueConf Videoconferencing Benefits German Hospital Network

Ortenau Klinikum, a hospital network based in Offenburg, Germany, has exchanged their outdated hardware videoconferencing system for TrueConf Server, a modern UC software platform. Deployment of the new system allows the clinic’s radiologists to improve the quality of cancer diagnostics and cut decision-making time.

July 20, 2016, Moscow – Ortenau, the oldest clinic in Baden-Württemberg, has been offering diagnostic and treatment services for 114 years. The clinic represents a regional network of hospitals located in Achern, Ettenheim, Gengenbach, Kehl, Lahr, Oberkirch, Offenburg, and Wolfach. Overall, the network serves more than 1,800 hospital wards. 5,000 members of the Ortenau staff annually provide hospital care for more than 75,000 patients.

Offenburg clinic is located in St. Joseph’s Hospital and is the largest of the nine clinics in Baden-Württemberg. While studying the possibilities of diagnostic and therapeutic use of X-ray and radioactive substances, the radiologists of Ortenau use a special computer program which calculates the radiation dose to treat cancerous tumors. The specialists then record their findings and develop an appropriate treatment plan for the patients alongside other doctors.

Video conferencing has become a basic tool for exchanging information and facilitating cooperation between doctors in Ortenau, as prompt staff communications are extremely important for the clinic.

“We wanted to install a user friendly system for conferencing between three locations to deliver medical applications to all conference members with good quality,” says Florian Kammerer, the Head of Ortenau Klinikum. “Previously we used legacy VC systems based on hardware MCU (Lifesize), but the quality of content delivery from our old infrastructure was not satisfactory,” Florian Kammerer, the Head of Ortenau Klinikum, comments.

While searching for a replacement for their outdated hardware, clinic management found a more advanced conferencing product – TrueConf Server. In the testing phase, Ortenau IT specialists installed a test version of the server complete with a variety of essential features, including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and network federation at their headquarters. The results of the test exceeded all expectations: instead of the usual low-quality video conferencing stream, the clinic staff were delighted to find they had 4K extra-high resolution images.

High quality video and clear sound in a video conference are of the utmost importance in the medical sphere. The information communicated should be as precise as possible, as the health and life of patients are at stake. TrueConf 4K-videoconferencing allows images to be viewed in greater detail, which makes it possible to perform remote diagnosis and to stream medical operations on large screens.

TrueConf Server has brought together distant branches of the clinic and made it possible for Ortenau Klinikum employees to participate in regular video conferences without needing to purchase and install any expensive supplementary equipment. The TrueConf Server and LDAP integration solution help address the problem of user account manual operation. The employee video conferencing database has also become substantially easier to administrate and monitor.

Ortenau clinic management has praised TrueConf Server for its ease of use and flexible licensing policy for health care authorities.

“I was satisfied with the project on the whole. The TrueConf Server solution completely realized our requirements for a conference solution. The really quick response times of the sales and support team in the whole process of the project was remarkable,” Mr. Kammerer says.

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