Twilio Video aims to enable easy video communications in applications


WebRTC appears to finally be gaining some more traction in enterprise unified communications and collaboration solutions. Twilio is no stranger to WebRTC, but the company is looking to make it easier for developers to integrate voice and texting into their own apps.

Twilio’s latest addition is Twilio Video, a video communications service that just went into beta testing. In an interview with TechCrunch, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson seemed to indicate the days of purely standalone video communications applications are numbered. Instead, using WebRTC, the future is that of integrating and embedded video into other applications and services. And that’s partly where Twilio fits in, as the company touts its APIs as a way for developers to add video communications to their apps in an easier way.

All of this assumes that WebRTC, which is still trying to gain a foothold in the enterprise, sees some significant interest and adoption over the next few years. And with more talk about the web-based communications standard, maybe that’s about to happen. The capabilities are definitely there; it just needs third-party solutions providers to get behind it and start incorporating it on a more regular basis.

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