Ubiety Introduces Next Generation Video Conferencing Experience and New Unlimited Host Pricing Model


February 1, 2018, New York, NY – Collaboration Squared, a global cloud collaboration
and conferencing service provider, today announced the launch of the next generation of their
award-winning Ubiety cloud bridging service powered by Cisco Meeting Server technology.

This release includes a complete redesign and simplification of the in-meeting user interface to
deliver the highest quality, most immersive and natural video experience when joining from any
platform of choice…. Cisco Meeting app, WebRTC, SIP/H323, Cisco Spark, Cisco Jabber,
Microsoft Skype for Business, plus global access phone dial in.

Ubiety Next Gen App

And an important new addition is the One Touch Scheduler. By means of a simple Microsoft
Exchange or Google calendar integration it delivers the ability to add one-click join meeting
capability to Cisco and Polycom endpoints to Ubiety calls, any other SIP address or any Skype
for business meeting that has been added into a calendar invitation. Therefore, making it
extremely easy for end users to join all types of video calls from meeting room video conference

This integration works automatically by simply adding the meeting room resource to the
calendar appointment or forwarding the invite to the meeting room email address at any time
including if the meeting time has started. This will then publish the SIP URI information to the
Cisco or Polycom endpoints diary and present the green join button.

Ubiety One Touch

For Cisco video conference endpoints specifically, Ubiety now natively supports “ActiveControl
capability for full Ubiety meeting participant list access, muting controls, and layout controls
directly on the Cisco endpoints user interface with native on-screen notifications for

Ubiety Active Control

Most importantly for any supported dual screen Cisco endpoint, Ubiety now includes dualscreen video participants split across both screens using Cisco’s groundbreaking “Multistream”
protocol. This makes the user experience the most immersive and fully democratizes
multiscreen video conferencing for the masses in the highest quality available.


Ubiety has also updated their pricing models to include unlimited hosts for all plans. Meaning
customers no longer have to clock watch per host utilization, or worry about hard stop capacity

limits, and customers can assign host accounts to everyone in their organization without
additional per host cost.


To view the new unlimited host pricing visit ubiety.me/pricing/

Daryl Hutchings, CEO of Collaboration Squared states, “We have a deep belief that highest
quality video conferencing experience can improve human connection and relationships across
remote sites. We are excited to evolve Ubiety to be even higher quality, more immersive and
easier to use than ever before. We also wanted to dramatically adjust our pricing model to give
every organization the ability to deliver video collaboration to every person in the company, not
just those deemed worthy at a cost center level.”

David Maldow, collaboration industry analyst and CEO of Let’s Do Video states, “It’s great to
see the Ubiety platform continue to innovate and grow. Deeper integration with Cisco endpoints
shows some of the differentiating factors may not seem big on paper, but make a huge
difference to user experience.” David continues

“Solving the problem of joining meetings quickly from meeting room video systems is a huge
pain point. Giving users a simple button to click to join meetings changes this experience
dramatically starting any meeting type instantly, removing stress and increasing satisfaction
levels. Ultimately means less work for IT to manage”

To learn more about Ubiety service visit ubiety.me

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Collaboration Squared is a global conferencing and collaboration service provider with offices in
New York, London, Singapore and Sydney. As a collaboration specialist offering Ubiety the
cloud collaboration platform that takes interoperability of video conferencing, web collaboration
and phone conferencing to an unprecedented new level, with a simplified intuitive user interface
and now Cisco collaboration endpoints and Cisco Spark service delivering messaging, meeting
and calling from the cloud to organizations of any size.

To learn more about Collaboration Squared visit the website at www.collaborationsquared.com
and connect with us on Twitter at twitter.com/collabsq

Media Contacts: press@collabsq.com +1 646 480 7530

Images copyright of Cisco Systems, Polycom Inc & Collaboration Squared Ltd


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