Unified Communications Forges Ahead in 2015, To Spur Growth in Enterprise Collaboration


Story by Sean Burke

Collaboration is the most tangible form of digital transformation multinational companies are undergoing in 2015. The nature of doing business has spread across more regions as China, the Middle East and Africa become major hubs of commerce and trade. This requires communication tools that are smarter and integrated, moving beyond just voice and video. It involves more than just opening a clear channel between two points on a globe and hoping for the best; it’s all about leveraging a company’s full intellectual capital in the service of its people. That is the evolution of collaboration in 2015.
Coming out of 2014, the enterprise market for unified communications (UC) and collaboration has undergone a massive shake out. The days of operating voice and video in separate silos have given way to converged tools that marry voice, video, Web conferencing, desktop and mobility as features on a single, unified platform for employees to use. In 2015, businesses are demanding multi-functionality on one platform which impacts how UC providers operate, the tools that are made available and the very nature of workplace collaboration itself.

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