Unified communications helps Dr. Martens spot emerging trends to stay one step ahead!


Story by Starleaf

Dr. Martens uses StarLeaf video conferencing and calling throughout its business operations and as part of a strategy to double revenue, while streamlining communications from the boardroom right through to the consumer.

Dr. Martens is an iconic brand that has steadfastly remained utterly cool for over 50 years. However, fashion is a fickle business, where fortunes can be made on the whim of celebrity patronage (remember Miley Cyrus in her Dr. Martens on her wrecking ball) and just as easily lost as tastes and trends change.

Predicting and setting trends requires more than historical data analysis or clever product placement. Instead, today’s fashion retailer needs razor sharp reflexes and a team of people so well connected to the market that they can foresee the seasonality of styles, spot a trend before it fully emerges and match supply to demand. It’s an intricate business too. Especially when we consider that Dr. Martens maintains its prestigious ‘Made in England’ brand, but the bulk of its footwear and apparel is designed in London’s trendy Camden Town, manufactured in the Far East and distributed worldwide, to be sold directly from its retail and online outlets.

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