Us Study Uses Video Conferencing at Dinnertime to Help Parents Get Their Kids to Eat Healthier


Story by Mari A. Schaefer, The Star Online

The wake-up call for Amy Edwards came in the form of a doctor’s appointment for her six-year-old daughter, whose weight gain over the last year had prompted a discussion with the paediatrician about healthy eating.

“I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have,” said Edwards, a divorced mother of four, who works full time as the director of the Drexel Autism Support Programme for Student Life.

As a longtime member of Weight Watchers, Edwards knew the types of changes that needed to be made at home, but she also needed support. She had seen information on the college’s website about Project Picnic, an ongoing study offered by the Drexel University Well Centre, which provides live video coaching sessions for parents during family meals. In late April, she met with the researchers.

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