VaaS-ing with LifeSize Cloud


Story by Dave Michels

Many hardware companies are shifting to software and services, so its no surprise that LifeSize has a new video conferencing service. The new LifeSize Cloud is the company’s second video as a service (VaaS) offer. The first service was known as LifeSize Connections a few years back.

Unfortunately, Connections was a bit of shotgun marriage. The parent company Logitech had acquired two companies, SightSpeed in 2008 and LifeSize in 2009, and naturally put the two together. The service worked well, but had some severe limitations. Also, I am not sure the market was yet ready for VaaS. However, I do think VaaS makes a lot of sense now.

The new LifeSize Cloud leverages some learned lessons from Connections. The service is a comprehensive video service with software clients for both desktops and mobile devices, and offers tightly integrated room-based appliances. LifeSize Cloud is an entirely new, purpose-built service that became generally available last Spring.

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