Video, Collaboration, Motivation: Workplace In 2015


Story by Amy Alexander

To stay on track in 2015, pay attention to these important workplace trends:

Lights, camera, action! Video’s been on the rise, and it’s going to keep rising.

In 2015, more top companies will plug it into the hiring process, explains Jeff Carr, CEO of HR firm PeopleFluent. “New uses of video go beyond the standard video interview process that has been seen in the past,” he told IBD.

Younger managers, in particular, gravitate to video job posts as a way to attract the most competent candidates. “Video is also being used by recruiters to enhance time management and reduce redundancies by giving them an outlet to, for example, create a video for frequently asked questions,” Carr said.

Once interviewees are in the door, they should prepare to be filmed, he adds. Hiring managers will be likelier to record possible new hires as they discuss how they would respond to a work dilemma.

Movable chat. Wearable technology and increased connectivity are getting a lot of buzz this year. Managers and employees will be more in touch, collaborating and relaying information on the go. They want to do it without glitches.

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