Video Communication Isn’t Just for Big Banks


Story by Joe Arena

According to a USA Today article, the number of routine transactions conducted at community bank and credit union branches has gone down 10% annually over the past four years. Conversely, mobile traffic is skyrocketing with 50,000 customers downloading banks’/credit unions’ mobile apps each week and executing anywhere from 250 to 300 million online banking logins each month.

Customers are sending a message that they want to do business differently than in the past. They demand the speed and convenience of banking remotely without sacrificing security.

This behavior correlates with the continuing adoption of video communications. A recent survey by Polycom found that decision-makers worldwide view video conferencing as the essential team collaboration tool. Of more than 1,200 decision-makers surveyed in 12 countries, 96% agreed that video conferencing removes distance barriers to improve productivity among geographically scattered teams. The respondents noted that, in addition to promoting collaboration across borders, video conferencing with built-in file sharing and collaboration tools also allowed clearer communication and more efficient meetings.

Most companies have frequent opportunities to experience the benefits of video, with 56% of the respondents to the Polycom survey participating in video calls at least once a week. More than half (52%) of those surveyed expect video to become their top communication preference within three years.

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