Video Conferencing Gets Lit For the Holidays


The first High Definition light for BYOD video conferencing just received US Patent 8,905,952, bringing the industry out of the shadows and solving one of the major pain points in video conferencing, LIGHTING.

Now mobile video users can make calls in low light or no light at all via lighting systems from HD Technology Partners, LLC.

No more red faces, shadowy images and peripheral cameras working overtime to provide basic imaging. Any portable device from tablets and laptops to smartphones and the like can experience the look and appearance of a professional production by utilizing this revolutionary HD lighting system.

Now the millions employing video conferencing will find the application enhanced with flattering images never before experienced in a mobile or portable environment. The patent covers existing products as an add on enhancement and can be incorporated under the glass integrated into a device at manufacture.

“It was love at first light when I signed on to market the patent and technology”, exclaimed Michael Baker, industry veteran and former Polycom Vice President who hails this invention as a game changer for the industry, a global first and long overdue.

“It is a night and day solution for an age old problem we have tolerated – poor lighting and poor imaging. The secret sauce patented technology in the lights make them powerful, effective with no eye fatigue, perfect imaging and easy to use. It’s a natural that has just been overlooked for too long. Nothing like this exists and the obvious is solved in a competitive marketplace looking for an edge.” Baker went on to say he has received rave reviews with one CEO asking why we have tolerated “crappy” lighting this long.

HD Technology Partners LLC was formed out of “video lighting frustration” by Ben Scruggs and Mike Jarchow, both of whom have lived in the trenches of poor video for longer than they care to admit.

Ben Scruggs comes from the design and technical side with multiple LED patents and Mike Jarchow has been in sales and marketing, working for manufacturers and suppliers in visual communications.

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