Video Conferencing: How the Microsoft Teams Experience is Driving Meeting Room Innovation

AV giant Poly on why its MS-certified solutions are supporting a smooth return to the office

Story by Simon Wright, UC Today

Hooking-up with the perfect partner: it’s how we all find harmony.

Shared values, a shared vision, a meeting of minds.

In business, those kind of relationships are often the secret to success.

They enable each party to bring something of value to the table which, when combined, can make the magic happen.

Whether it is technological functionality, market penetration or brand awareness, that kind of merged mutuality is a powerful force for good.

In the world of enterprise collaboration, Microsoft Teams packs plenty of punch on all those fronts.

And – for its latest globally-certified video conferencing solutions and services partner Poly – it is a platform upon which innovative and feature-rich audio-video tools are able to deliver a high-quality user experience.

Together, they provide enterprise customers with a potent ability to leverage the transformational benefits of the ever-evolving digital revolution: exactly the kind of partnership that drives efficiency, growth and, ultimately, profitability.

“Microsoft Teams has become the leading platform for virtual collaboration and engagement and  we are now the vendor with the most Microsoft-certified devices,” says Christophe Herrerias, Senior Manager, Microsoft Alliance at Poly.

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