Video Conferencing Services, IVCi, Explains How to Measure the Success of Huddle Spaces


January 16, 2019, Hauppauge, NY – As part of their commitment to helping companies invest in technological solutions that provide a positive return on their investment, video conferencing services, IVCi, explains how to measure the success of huddle spaces.

Huddle spaces are quickly becoming more commonplace in the average work environment, representing a low-cost and less formal solution that allows employees to easily touch base and collaborate. However, it’s important that companies have a framework by which they measure the effectiveness of huddle spaces in order to determine the best path for expansion in the future.

Discussed below are a few potential metrics to keep in mind when evaluating the effectiveness of huddle spaces.

Improved Teamwork and Productivity. While it may not be possible to directly quantify the results of better teamwork, it should be possible for company leadership to recognize the increase in employee collaboration and communication by taking a look at their work together on common projects. One of the key benefits of a huddle space is the ability to provide an area for employees to meet informally and keep up to date on the various aspects of a larger project. It should be simple to tie the utilization of huddle spaces to a more cohesive workforce as a whole.

Assistance Of Other Employees. Another way to measure the effectiveness of huddle spaces is the degree to which they help workers help their fellow employees. Rather than being structured like a traditional boardroom with hour-long meetings scheduled a month in advance, these spaces serve as an opportunity for employees to head to a quiet and private place to work out any potential issues on the fly. With the ability to easily pull up documents on a display and conference with remote employees, these self-contained areas give workers all the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

A key part of teamwork within the company is the ability for employees to lend each other their expertise, and the effects of that collaboration should be readily apparent in a more efficient workflow.

Cost-Savings. Perhaps the most quantifiable way to measure the effectiveness of huddle spaces are the positive effects on the company’s bottom line. Since these meeting areas are equipped with video conferencing equipment and all the audiovisual technology employees need to work efficiently, companies can save a significant amount on travel expenses that would be necessary for an in-person meeting.


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