Video Conferencing – The Future of Telehealth


Story by Nandita Ghosh

Video conferencing has a variety of exciting applications for the healthcare industry, allowing medical professionals greater access to information and training. For patients, virtual healthcare has the potential to provide superior care that is tailored to one’s specific needs, regardless of geographic location. Here are some of the uses that are already being integrated into the healthcare industry with Blue Jeans video conferencing:

  • Delivering Telehealth through Video Conference

    Physicians can do virtual “house calls” and conduct medical consultations through a video conference. For patients located in rural areas, connecting with healthcare providers in major cities provides unprecedented access to the best care, without the prohibitive costs of traveling. Rural clinics can keep in constant contact with their primary location to ensure synchronicity.Video conferences also enables cost-effective healthcare delivery to incarcerated and institutionalized patients, patients with mobility limitations, and patients who require psychiatric services but are hesitant to make an in-person appointment at a psychiatric doctor’s office.

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