Video+Conference Goes to Central Asia: Turkey and Kazakhstan 2015

Video+Conference Goes to Central Asia: Turkey and Kazakhstan 2015 June 4 2015, Moscow The Video+Conference series of events is spreading to Asia. In May 2015, Turkey and Kazakhstan hosted the 14th and 15th Video+Conference, an event dedicated to video conferencing technologies. The events were attended by a total of 115 people, and 7 companies became new partners to the conference. TrueConf was the general sponsor of events.

June 4, 2015, Moscow – Video+Conference Turkey was held on May 21 2015 in Istanbul in partnership with AviNet. The conference hall at Biz Cevahir Hotel İstanbul gathered 45 participants, including the company representatives of TrueConf, Grandstream, AviNet, DrayTek, Turkish Telecom market players, public sector representatives, and business owners from various fields.

Tarık Alpgiray, AviNet Project Manager, found the focus on technology to be compelling. “For the first time in Turkey, different supplier companies came together on common ground and presented their video conferencing solutions. I was impressed that the audience demanded to hear news about technologies rather than to hear about sales or product prospects. Our meeting was very different from the usual kind.”

“I also particularly liked the attention from IT guys of companies who already have their own VC system or want to set up a new infrastructure.”

“That gives us the idea to organize even better events next year, probably in two cities and even in Ankara. We might organize a much more select group of participants from the top 500 companies of Turkey with more interesting content, and also with more well-known supplier companies.”

After Istanbul, Trueconf sponsored Video+Conference Kazakhstan on May 26 2015 in Almaty. Aside from TrueConf, the event was supported by Polymedia, Phoenix Audio, Clevermic, and Softline.

Video+Conference event was held in Kazakhstan for the first time, but the number of people who visited the event exceeded expectations. The conference was attended by 65 people, including IT experts from various business fields, integrator representatives, public service and educational institution representatives. Ascar Habibulin, Polymedia CEO, commented on the desire for video conferencing in Kazakhstan. “The AV market in Kazakhstan is not very busy, but very hungry for information and new technologies. This indicates a tendency towards growth and the dynamic development of audio visual industry in the country.”

“Our goal in Kazakhstan is to spread the word that video conferencing does not always mean something expensive, confusing and bulky, but can be a simple intuitive solution with an affordable price tag.”

“Video conferencing integration is an important issue for Kazakstan due to its geographic distribution: it takes 4 hours on a jet plane to get from Aktau to Oskemen. Moreover, Kazakhstan has basically two capital cities – Astana and Almaty. There are a lot of companies in these two cities that need constant cooperation. We think that Video+Conference Kazakhstan became a success thanks to a well-chosen concept.”

Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO says: “We decided to break common patterns by not following everyone in the conquest of Western markets, but turned ourselves to the developing market of Asia. In general, both events were very rich. Visitors were interested in video conferencing, which validated our experience with these markets.”

“We hope that we will be welcomed in other regions of Russia this fall as well, and in Turkey and Kazakhstan next year. We would like to thank our guests for coming, and our partners, AviNet and Polymedia, for being very active and helping us in organizing these events.”

The speakers at Video+Conference shared their views on current trends in the video conferencing solutions market, and about new technologies, such as 3D conferencing, UltraHD video and WebRTC. Participants of the event had an opportunity to visit the demo zone with TrueConf Server; the latest hardware endpoint by Grandstream; Flipbox by Polymedia; and also peripheral equipment from Phoenix Audio and Clevermic.

For more information please contact:

Michael Gotalsky,
TrueConf CEO
Tel.: 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263)

Tarik Alpgiray
AviNet Project Manager
Phone: +90 212 9998757, +90 532 7266149

Elena Vinokurtseva
Head of PR at Polymedia
Phone: +7 (495) 956-85-81

About TrueConf,
TrueConf equips PCs, mobiles and meeting rooms with high quality video conferencing and collaboration solutions. TrueConf apps and solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy and SIP equipment, meaning that you save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies like scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation. More than 1500 companies and 3 million customers around the world choose TrueConf to meet their video conferencing needs. TrueConf native client apps are powered by 100% software architecture, and our products are available as both an on-premises solution and as a cloud service for end-customers and partners.

About AviNet:
Avinet ICT and Consultancy Services has offered its services on the Turkish market for more than 15 years and focuses on Audio, Video and IP Network fields as on Consultancy and System Integrating. Avinet provides an important contribution particularly in the field of video conferencing technologies and offers high-quality turn-key solutions to companies in various sectors and of different sizes.

About Polymedia,
Polymedia is a system integrator and leading display system developer in Kazakhstan. The company was founded in 2012 and has rich engineering potential. Polymedia has already produced a range of large-scale, technically challenging integration projects for public sector and energetics institutions of Kazakhstan. The company’s experts develop projects for situational centers, operational rooms, monitoring & management centers, and also for conference halls, meeting rooms, classrooms, and even for stadiums and multipurpose sports complexes.


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