Videoconferencing and A/V Jobs: June 2017


In this recurring series, we will share job listings from the major players in the videoconferencing and related collaboration industries. This month, if I did my counting right, there are over 1300 jobs available in the collaboration industry, without even counting some of our largest integrators and many, many other firms that do not list job openings on their websites.

If you would like your company’s jobs published in LDV, (or if I left you out because my research button went flat) please forward me that data at, and I will make certain your firm’s hiring requirements are included in our next edition.

  • AVI Systems: (Job Listings) I counted more than 150 jobs open on this site; 40+ in sales and senior sales leadership, 25+ in engineering, and a large number in IT and sales engineering. AVI Systems has more than doubled in size since 2011, and they continue to grow. And the rumor mill just keeps mentioning their solid management and execution. Everyone keeps telling me that these are the integrators of the future; they are really good with people and execution.
  • AVI-SPL: (Job Listings) Although undergoing some changes, at this $940MM a year (estimated/private) outfit there are more than 120 job opportunities. There are 17 sales jobs, 11 engineering, 50 technicians, and 15 project manager openings just to name a few.
  • BlueJeans: (Job Listings) The other leader in video as a service offering, BlueJeans, has 16 jobs posted on their website: 6 in engineering, 5 in sales, 2 in customer support, and they also need one attorney, (really?) just to name a few.
  • Cisco: (Job Listings) I counted more than 500 jobs and stopped counting. 212 jobs in Product sales, 61 jobs in services sales, 57 sales engineers are needed along with 42 tech support personnel. Marketing needs 20 people, they also need 9 lawyers (?) and 33 DevOps engineers. 55 Network engineers round out the requirements.
  • ClearOne: (Job Listings) There are 8 jobs listed on their website. 4 in sales, (1 sales director, 2 sales managers and 1 sales engineer) along with 1 product manager and 2 accounting types and a customer service rep. Their website talks about being one of Utah’s top 25 companies, but I also hear that the mission is not very clear here and the turnover of sales, sales engineers and product people is very high.
  • Fuze: (Job Listings) There are a total of 64 jobs posted with Fuze. I counted 22 Enterprise Sales openings and 20+ Project Management and 10+ Product Management jobs. Last I heard they were still using Vidyo software for their offering, and they started getting really good at workplace applications deployment. The changes implemented over the last year and months seem to be working here; if the job growth is any indication.
  • IVCI: (Job Listings) Is a great collaboration and integration company that has been around for a while. Solid leadership, the CEO/Founder, Bob Swing, is a very good dude, and they have many team members that have been with them for more than 10+ years. They are growing and have 14 jobs open across North America.
  • LifeSize: (Job Listings) 13 total jobs, all but three in Austin Texas. There are 5 sales jobs, 3 marketing jobs, 2 in engineering and 1 open in HR. One Channel Manager on the west coast; San Francisco and 1 in New York City. Also a bus dev job in Ireland.
  • LogMeIn/GoToMeeting: (Job Listings) There are more than 170 jobs around the globe posted on this career site. Over 40+ in engineering, 45 in sales, 11 in IT, and 2 lawyers (really?), just to name a few of the categories. I do not know much about these folks but they seem to have grown via the M&A route, and they know how to add and keep customers.
  • Polycom: (Job Listings) There are always a lot of rumors about Polycom, and the speculation around the Zoom announcement created even more. But look at the jobs! For a company everyone says is shrinking; there are a lot of jobs posted on their site: 137 total jobs; 22 US sales jobs, 1 VP of Channels, and 16 sales engineering jobs to name a few. Lots of engineering opportunities around the globe and a fair number of jobs posted in China and India. Do we see another M&A event on the horizon? Will the Zoom partnership become something more in the future?
  • Vidyo: (Job Listings) I counted 10 jobs at Vidyo, once the darling of the industry and the leader of software based videoconferencing. Since they lost their time to market advantage they keep looking for a new foothold and adding new people might indicate they have turned a corner.
  • VSGI: (Job Listings) There are 4 jobs posted on the VSGI website. 1 in sales, 1 sales engineer, they also need a Crestron or AMX programmer (who doesn’t need a Crestron or AMX programmer?) 1 field technician.
  • Whitlock: (Job Listings) I hear really good things about their management and execution. And they are really growing as evidenced by the 92 jobs posted on their career website. Of those 92; 8 are in sales, 5 in project management, 22 in management, and they are also looking for 4 people in strategy and Planning….just to name a few.
  • Zoom: (Job Listings) This leader in desktop and web based video (this is what I use 2-4X daily) has 50 jobs open all over North America and Australia: 13 in sales, 6 engineers, 4 sales engineers,10 jobs in Australia, and 2 HR jobs.

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JD Vaughn is an entrepreneur in the collaboration space and has been a recruiter, consultant, board member, and investor in the industry for over 25 years. He has been Vice President of Sales at Polycom, General Manager at Radvision, and a Director at AT&T, Picturetel and VideoServer. He was also chairman on the vendor side for the international videoconferencing users group; VCIG. He currently leads a boutique consulting and recruiting practice; Sage Research and is founder of a social media startup; SPFFIT. His in depth profile will fill in the gaps. Here at LDV, JD keeps us posted on the job market and career planning in our industry.

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