Videoconferencing Platforms Get an AI Boost: The Kiplinger Letter

Emerging AI tools give videoconferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom the ability to add a virtual assistant to every online meeting.

Story by John Miley, Kiplinger

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Videoconferencing platforms are rolling out a slew of gee-whiz features. Chalk it up to emerging artificial intelligence tools that give Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others the ability to add something of a virtual assistant to every online meeting.

Microsoft Teams is using AI to isolate a speaker’s voice to ensure the person is heard clearly, to automatically take notes and share them at the end, and to digitally unclutter your home office or even add a realistic plant. Zoom, too, is adding auto-notetaking and summaries that are sent to all attendees.

Google Meet can now detect when you raise your hand, so users don’t have to worry about clicking an icon to grab someone’s attention. Another futuristic Google feature: The ability to touch up your skin, smooth your complexion and whiten your eyes…

Will AI-powered virtual meetings boost productivity? It may take a while. The most useful features could be the least exciting, such as gesture detection to make online meetings more seamless. Others will need buy-in from workers, especially futuristic features, such as Microsoft offering avatars in a virtual world.

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