Videoconferencing Sucks. Could “Augmented” Meetings Replace It?

The startup Spatial has big ideas about remote work–and big money from some of the most powerful names in Silicon Valley.

Story by Mark Wilson, Fast Company

I doodle a quick sketch on my iPhone. I hit a button, and it’s floating in front of me as a bright pink Post-it. I grab the note, then toss it 15 feet where it sticks to the wall next to a giant mood board of images and notes. My colleagues–one real, one a hologram beaming here from 2,000 miles away–nod in approval, as I’ve taken them both by surprise.

“I didn’t even tell you how to do that!” says Jinha Lee, from underneath his Microsoft Hololens headset. I’d just spoiled one of the best bits of Lee’s demo all by myself. But that’s how good Spatial, the new augmented reality conference room app he’s developing, is. You stop thinking that you’re wearing bulky AR hardware, you stop considering the things you can or can’t do–and you just do what comes naturally.

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