Videxio First to Offer “Scan to Join” Feature For Any Video Meeting

With MeetingConnect, users scan a QR code in the meeting room to join meetings hosted on almost any service including Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, BlueJeans, and more

November 29, 2018, Oslo, Norway — Videxio, a leading cloud video conferencing service provider, today announced a new way to join video meetings instantly. With MeetingConnect, users can simply walk into a meeting room, scan a QR code, and join their meeting. Often, the hardest part of a video meeting is joining. But with MeetingConnect, Videxio gets users into the meeting instantly – every time!

Videxio believes that meetings should be about the user, not the hardware. With this new feature, users no longer face the hassle of searching for meeting dial-in details and manually typing characters into a video conferencing room device. They can also enjoy a more agile, flexible work environment when an office has multiple video-enabled meeting rooms, since they can join calls from any meeting room.

MeetingConnect also helps IT teams get more from their existing video conferencing investments from the likes of Polycom and Cisco. Many of today’s meeting rooms rely on closed video platforms that limit users to one service. When someone is invited to a meeting on a different service, say by a customer or partner, they cannot use the meeting room to join. The organization’s investment in that room quickly becomes obsolete as employees use their own desktops or web browsers to take the meeting, instead of the room system. MeetingConnect solves that problem and doesn’t require companies to buy any additional hardware or software infrastructure. It works with existing video room systems and employees’ smartphones. Now users can join video meetings from any meeting room and meet colleagues or external contacts regardless of platform they have been invited from.

“Our customers have a job to do, and that doesn’t involve fiddling with meeting room technology,” said Tom Erik Lia, CEO and cofounder of Videxio. “They just need an easy way to get into their meetings. It’s as simple as that. We’re thrilled to be first to offer this meeting-agnostic, scan-to-join feature and look forward to helping our customers discover this better way to work.”

MeetingConnect provides a seamless workflow, regardless of the video meeting service users join. All it requires is a video system registered to Videxio’s network and a mobile phone with the My Meeting Video app.

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