Videxio Offers Plugin-Free Video Meetings and Calls on All Major Browsers

Join meetings in one click — without downloading a plugin — for simpler, more secure collaboration

May 2, 2018, Oslo – Videxio has expanded its plugin-free browser support to Edge and Safari, making it easy for anyone to join a video meeting from the browser of their choice. This plugin-free option gives users a better experience, reduces security issues caused by downloads, and makes videoconferencing simpler for highly-regulated industries. Now, anyone can call others or join meetings straight from the browser, without having to go to a conference room or download any software. You can talk to people within or outside your company – all with a single click.

Outdated plugins can introduce major security risks to an organization. For instance, they could allow remote attackers to take control of a computer, even if the computer was just used to join a meeting one time. For highly-regulated industries like legal, finance, and healthcare, this update means employees can use videoconferencing without permission from IT, and IT departments can eliminate headaches caused by downloads.

“We want to make meetings as simple and easy as possible,” said Tom-Erik Lia, CEO and cofounder of Videxio. “Our customers have their own jobs to do, and downloading plugins distracts them from those jobs. By expanding browser support, we’re helping them join meetings faster in the way they want, so they can get back to business.”

Edge and Safari are the latest browsers to adopt WebRTC, the technology that makes plugin-free calls possible, adding to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. More and more companies are using WebRTC to enable real-time voice and video communication. In fact, Gartner predicts that the technology will be used for 15 percent of enterprise voice and video usage by 2019 – up from 1 percent in 2016.

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Videxio is a cloud video and collaboration provider that makes business communication easy, fun, and productive. Our video meeting and calling service seamlessly connects devices and users through the cloud for professional videoconferencing. Built on a dedicated global video network, Videxio is interoperable with video systems, extends the reach of Skype for Business, and offers live streaming and recording. Learn more at


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