Vidyo Beats Video Collaboration Giants At The Department Of Defense


Story by Patrick Moorhead

Video collaboration installations are dominated byCisco Systems CSCO -0.05%, Huawei, Logitech International LOGI +0.35% SA’s LifeSize and Polycom Inc. It’s a big market and even even the collaboration leader, Cisco, recognizes that the market is shifting given their software-defined collaboration investments in WebEx.

“Software-defined everything” is all the rage these days in the IT industry, and hopefully you have heard of SDN (SW defined networking), SDS (SW defined storage) and server workload-based computing.  All of these are “software-defined” entities are related to an SDDC (SW defined datacenter), which I have researched extensively. But did you know that there is also software-defined collaboration? Unlike SDN and SDS, software-defined video collaboration is actually real today and being rolled out at the largest global enterprises.

Case in point, Vidyo, who I see as the leader in open, scalable video collaboration, announced today that the Department of Defense (DoD) is at full operational capability (FOC) with its customized VidyoWorks-based solution. This is a really big deal as it shows that software-defined collaboration is up to supporting half a billion video minutes a year in the largest, most secure, industry standard server and networking environments.

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