Vidyo Surpasses 100th Patent and Celebrates Ten Years of Innovation and Leadership in the VC Market


October 1, 2015, Hackensack, NJ – When Vidyo Inc. was established in 2005, its founders aimed to build a better way for the world to visually communicate.  Ten years and one hundred patents later, Vidyo has become a recognized industry leader for its disruptive and award winning technology, set apart by Vidyo’s capability to reliably deliver high-quality video communication at scale, on virtually any network, device or application.

The VidyoRouter™, a cornerstone of Vidyo’s patented architecture, which optimizes video streams in multi-party conferences without transcoding while efficiently utilizing available bandwidth, transformed not only an industry, but how, when and where visual communication was even viable.  Vidyo’s technical designs enabled video conferencing to move beyond the boardroom and onto personal devices connected both on private IP networks and via the public Internet, both wired and wireless. Vidyo was awarded its first patent on September 22, 2009, issued in the US, and the 100th on July 7, 2015, also issued in US. As of today Vidyo has a total of 106 patents worldwide.

“Vidyo’s one hundredth patent is a significant milestone for the company and a testament to the spirit of innovation that has been present at Vidyo since its founding ten years ago,” said Eran Westman, CEO, Vidyo. “Vidyo’s architecture and software-based infrastructure broke the mold of conventional video conferencing. Today industry standards bodies and customers around the world rely on Vidyo’s technology. Patients can access their healthcare over a smart phone or drug store kiosk, researchers in the jungle can share new discoveries over wireless networks and enterprise companies can leverage our video collaboration platform to optimize business results and enhance work-life balance. The applications are simply endless.”

“Vidyo has always believed that video communications has the power to change the way we work and live,” said Alex Eleftheriadis, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Vidyo.  “That’s why while we have invested considerable effort in developing new technology to be used in Vidyo’s products, we have also contributed some of our innovations to various standards bodies.  This way they are accessible to the entire industry and can be used to build interoperable products.  Vidyo’s intellectual property can today be found in both H.264 and H.265 video codecs, as well as the RTP payload formats of all of H.264, H.265, VP8, and VP9, which define how this video data are to be transported over the Internet.”

Today, healthcare providers, financial institutions, education and research organizations, software developers and system integrators are using the VidyoWorks™ platform to visually enable groundbreaking applications and workflows.  The flexibility of the VidyoWorks platform has also driven innovation across new form factors – from the first video conference on a smart phone, to 5K video conferences and Vidyo-enabled smart glasses and drone-based Vidyo conferencing.  Vidyo is enhancing the way we communicate every day.

About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo, Inc. delivers amazing visual communications and price performance to power customer engagement in line with user expectations to deliver the “human interaction” in the “Internet of Things.”  The VidyoWorksTM platform and APIs leverage Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter™ to deliver scalable video conferencing, collaboration solutions and cloud-based services over public networks at a price comparable to audio conferencing. Vidyo has more than 100 patents issued, and many more patents pending, in more than 65 patent families in various jurisdictions around the world. Learn more at, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.


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