Vietnam of the Future: TrueConf Connects Government Staff in Thái Nguyên Province

The Department of Education and Training of Thái Nguyên Province in Vietnam recently implemented TrueConf Server, freeing more than 200 employees from face-to-face weekly meetings. Video conferences have replaced on-site meetings, cutting transport expenses and saving time and money.

April 7, 2016, Moscow – The Department of Education and Training of Thái Nguyên consists of nine branches situated in different parts of the province. The Department manages the operation of 20 higher education institutions, 180 schools and all preschools of Thái Nguyên.

Before TrueConf, the Department’s employees had to visit their headquarters to attend weekly meetings. The long distance between branches made it difficult for employees to reach the meetings, with travel often taking long time.

The Department’s management decided to replace this resource-consuming commute with video conferences so that employees could participate in meetings from their workplaces without digressing from their official duties.

Ensuring sufficient performance of a Unified Communications system over low-speed Internet was one of the main challenges faced by the Department. Initially, its IT specialists tested the operation of popular video conferencing services such as Skype, Hangouts and ooVoo. As it turned out, cloud solutions could not provide the required quality of communication for offices with slow Internet.

HaproInfo, the official partner of TrueConf in Vietnam, introduced the Department’s management to TrueConf Server. After deciding on implementation, HaproInfo experts deployed TrueConf Server and integrated it into the existing infrastructure of the Department.

“There were no issues with the implementation of TrueConf Server in the Department of Education and Training of Thái Nguyên,” says Le Kuan Min, HaproInfo Quality Manager. “Our clients greatly appreciated the friendly web interface of the software, through which they can easily manage video conferences and organize meetings using several conference rooms. This was highly important for the customer.”

TrueConf Server was deployed in the headquarters of the Department. The meeting room formerly used for live meetings has been equipped with a terminal with the TrueConf client application preinstalled, a PTZ camera, and professional speakerphones. At the same time, remote employees were provided with web cameras for conference participation and TrueConf client applications were installed at workstations. The TrueConf Server solution is currently being user-tested, and Department employees are reporting high stability, ease of use, and on the easy user-friendly interface of their client applications.

“TrueConf allowed our organization to save significant time and costs associated with business trips of our employees. This, in turn, has improved the financial standing of the organization and allowed for more investment into IT infrastructure to meet the requirements of the state,” says Li Tien Khay, Quality Manager at the Department of Education and Training of Thái Nguyên.

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