Virtual Avatars Are Rolling Out on Microsoft Teams

Avatars for Microsoft Teams give users a “much-needed camera break,” while keeping them engaged in a video call.

Story by Adam Rowe,

The hierarchy of visuals in the video conferencing universe is about to change: Microsoft Teams is debuting its long-awaited virtual avatar functionality.

With digital avatars, users can continue collaborating with their coworkers even without being directly on camera, making it a useful failsafe for bad hair days.

The feature was added to the Microsoft roadmap in March, and will be coming to all Windows and Mac desktop platforms around the globe in May 2023. Since the month is nearly up, the tool may already be available to users.

Virtual Avatars Are “Customizable” and Include Reactions

Microsoft rolls out plenty of updates, and this one was announced just like all the others: In a brief blurb on the company’s public roadmap of new and updated features for Microsoft 360, a product family of software and collaboration services that includes Teams.

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