“Your Virtual Meeting Room or Mine?”: Today’s User Preference for Video


Story by David Maldow, Videxio Blog
We always knew that videoconferencing was an inevitability. As kids, when watching TV shows such as the Jetsons, some of the “future technology” seemed a little far-fetched and ridiculous. However, the ubiquitous videoconferencing was a no-brainer. In fact, I strongly believe that in the near future we will find the idea of audio-only conversations to be strange and archaic. With a majority of conversational information being conveyed through non-verbal means (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) video is the obvious choice for remote communications.

While the eventual adoption of video has always been obvious; the means of how we would do so has been a bit of a mystery. For example, there has never been anything close to a consensus on how we would even connect our video calls. The Jetsons simply punted on the question. You never saw George dial a call, he would just walk up to a screen and Mr. Spacely would appear and start yelling at him. Without any guidance from our science fiction world, we have been forced to figure out the video dialing dynamic ourselves through years of trial and effort.

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