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Visiple is emerging as the go-to place for start-ups, corporations of all sizes, and others needing an easy to use – click and go video conferencing service.

April 07, 2016, Boston, MA¬†– It is regarded as the innovation technology king of virtual meetings — offering superior, high quality service.

Visiple, with locations in Finland, Norway and the United States is quickly ascending as the top online meetings room provider on the planet. “Whether you need to set up a face-to-face or need one space for thousands, we can hook you up simply and quickly,” said Evan Andriopoulos — company Founder and CEO. “More companies are literally jumping on our growing movement. We can get you connected on Macs, PCs, all tablets and smartphones, iOS, Androids, and Windows in a matter of seconds.”

Visiple prides itself on simplicity and value — placing great emphasis on speedy and efficient service for a vast array of companies with special needs or accommodations. “We’ve helped a wide range of businesses with a wide range of services. From start-ups, Co-Working Spaces, business incubators, and integrators to Fortune 500s, people choose us for one reason – it works, it works fast and it works from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.”

Visiple has also taken things to the next level by meeting strict security requirements, super quick services delivery and ease of use all via their innovative “Miits” platform. “We designed Miits with the ultimate in automation in mind. This automation allows our customers to receive their licenses, set up meetings, scale as they grow and much much more. It allows us to continue to innovate and provider greater value added services to our customers for the years to come,” said Andriopoulos.

As the complexion of the world’s technology continues to advance, Visiple remains committed to not only staying on top of changing trends, but to innovation. “How people work continues to change and evolve — meaning that we need to swiftly adapt, maneuver, and take action to ensure that we remain champions of remote and telecommuting work and co-working spaces. We offer no time limited trial of our services. Simply sign up for our Visiple Free one to one service to experience how easy and fast it is to use, and based on your needs simply buy a multiple participant license allowing 30 people to join in via our Daily pass for just $9.95 or an all you care to use Visiple PRO monthly license for just $24.95 followed Andriopoulos. “We see the need for our clients to add users sometimes for a day, other times for a month or permanently so we made it easy to add and cost effectively and without the need to run a marathon to get stuff done”.

Visiple continues to innovate and has several major new service releases planned for 2016 and 2017 all with the customer in mind and is making waves in the mobile applications and services industry.

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We’ve all experienced the wasted time, lack of focus, meeting room unavailability, long startup times, “can you hear me?”, “I don’t see you…” and licenses that have to be downloaded for a select few. Visiple has solved this by creating video meetings that help get stuff done! Two minutes from Sign up to Your Meeting!

Visiple works on Macs and PCs, as well as any iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. A little camera shy? Jump in to a meeting using a basic phone with our easy to use audio feature! Who said meetings were not fun anymore?

With Visiple work from anywhere, anytime, any device. From co working spaces to distributed teams Visiple is the choice for video meetings. From one to one to one to thousands Visiple works and it works fast.

Founded by industry experts in user experience Visiple strives to not only ride the wave of cloud based mobile communications but to lead in innovation with services designed for businesses of all sizes.



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