Virtual Presenter Course

Introducing the Virtual Presenter Course, the online course that allows you to stand out, increase your impact, and be memorable in your virtual meetings. Regardless of whether you’re presenting or just attending a meeting, we give you expert tips and lessons that allow you to engage with your audience or fellow professionals on a higher level. Perfect for beginners or even seasoned veterans, our lessons are divided into easy to digest chunks that transform you into the star of every meeting you attend or lead.

Note: We highly recommend completing each lesson in order as each lesson builds upon the previous ones.

Lesson 1: Hardware Recommendations

In this lesson we share our hardware recommendations to help you create the best virtual presentations. While no initial purchases should be required, we provide a roadmap to improving your experience.

Lesson 2: Downloading OBS and Quick Tour

In this lesson we download, install, and familiarize ourselves with OBS. This free software will be powering our virtual presentations.

Lesson 3: Webcam and Backgrounds

In this lesson we create our first scene/layout in OBS. We will learn how to set up our webcam and our first background. We will be using a green screen during this lesson, but keep in mind a green screen is not required for this course. In our final lesson we will show you how to do your presentations with and without a green screen.

Lesson 4: Connecting OBS to Zoom

In this lesson we learn how to send our OBS video to our video meeting software (Zoom, MS Teams, Other).

Lesson 5: Working with OBS Sources

In this lesson we learn how to work with our OBS sources. You will be able to move, resize, crop, and layer everything on your screen to fully customize your virtual presentations.

Lesson 6: Understanding OBS Scenes

In previous lessons we learned how to work with our OBS sources. In this lesson we will learn how to manage our sources by organizing them into scenes. We will also better understand why we need scenes and how they help us become more effective virtual presenters.

Lesson 7: OBS Source Types

Up till now in our VPC course we have only worked with two types of OBS sources; our webcam, and images. In this lesson we will review the many other types of OBS sources and learn everything that can be shared as part of our virtual presentations.

Lesson 8: Transitions (Fade, Cut, Swipe, Etc.)

At this point in the course we should be pretty comfortable with our sources and scenes. Now it’s time to add some impact with transitions to make our presentations more effective and memorable.

Lesson 9: Managing Audio

In this lesson we explain how to manage our audio during virtual presentations.

Lesson 10: Your First Virtual Presentation

In this lesson we pull together everything we have learned thus far to create our first virtual presentation. While we use a PowerPoint for this demo, we show how it also works with a video, a website, or anything else you wish to present. This lesson shows best practices for presenting with, or without, a green screen.

Bonus Lesson: Name and Title Bar (Lower Third)

One of the most common requests we get is to teach how we create our name and title bars (sometimes called “Lower Thirds”). In this bonus lesson we draw upon the skills in our earlier lessons, and learn some new tricks to pull off this effect smoothly.