Visual Collaboration – The Travel Reduction Myth vs. The Real Value


Story by David Danto

I just read on a social media website that a friend of mine was taking off to London for a series of meetings. She is a brilliant, savvy, junior executive at a large technology organization who lives with her family in Connecticut in the US.  It made me think (again) about business travel.  I understand when she posts about a great article she just read or when she’s had a fun experience with her family, but why would she post a note letting her colleagues and acquaintances know she has flown overseas as opposed to using collaboration technology to avoid the trip?

I’m also a frequent business traveler and have been for a very long time.  I’m a “million-miler” on one airline and just under that on another.  I “check-in” on social media from every airport I take-off from and land at. Instead of boasting about my business travel, shouldn’t I be ashamed that I’m wasting all that time and producing all those carbon emissions instead of popping into a telepresence room – especially considering that I’m a collaboration technology expert and evangelist?

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About Author

David Danto has over three decades of experience providing problem solving leadership and innovation in media and UC technologies for various firms including AT&T, Bloomberg LP, and Morgan Stanley. He is currently the Principal Consultant for collaboration, video, and AV disciplines at Dimension Data, as well as IMCCA’s Director of Emerging Technology. Email David at to learn how he can help your organization solve problems, develop a future-proof collaboration strategy for internal use, or develop user-focused go-to-market strategies for your collaboration product or service. The opinions expressed in David’s commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video.

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