Voice and Video are Dead – Why Collaboration is the Next Big Thing


Story by Warren Barkley

Audio conferencing and video conferencing are not new technologies for business. So why do we still talk about them like they are innovative additions to the workplace?

Voice and video have been done. You can find audio conferencing and video conferencing anywhere. Cisco proved you can run it on data links and Microsoft showed us that you can run it with software. There are lots of options and ways to access low-cost voice and, increasingly, low cost video. Many of the consumer applications like FaceTime and Skype are being adopted by businesses around the world. We are all familiar with these applications, but I argue that they don’t offer anything really new or innovative to the team experience.

Connecting and communicating are not enough. The next focus needs to be on collaboration. When employees remotely join a meeting using voice or video, they do enter the in-room conversation – no question – but how productive can you really be without collaboration? And when I think of collaboration, I’m not referring to one person leading the meeting and everyone just following along – that’s not collaboration. I am talking about really working together.

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