WebRTC: Disruptive Technology with Revenue Potential or It Just Sucks?


Story by Dave Gilbert, MSPmentor

Where are we with WebRTC anyway? Do we stay with SIP or switch to the up and coming WebRTC technology? I’ve noticed that since the beginning of the year some of the most prolific communication industry bloggers have been very critical of the new technology that held such promise over the last five years or so.

No Jitter’s Zeus Kerravala claims that “WebRTC is losing steam.” At TalkingPointz, analyst Dave Michels complains that “WebRTC is a distraction” and exhorts his readers to go out and buy a tried-and-tested solution. Jumping on this, Todd Carothers, EVP of marketing and products at CounterPath argues in his blog that “WebRTC applications are restrictive in terms of the capabilities that can be offered as a true unified communications solution” and holds up his company’s SIP-based VoIP products for consideration instead.

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