WebRTC Edges Ahead


Story by Phil Edholm, UCStrategies

I have been a strong advocate of the web-based transformation that WebRTC will introduce to real time communications. In the UC world, we have seen an increasing number of traditional telecom apps, new UC/Workflow entrants like Spark and Circuit, as well as a range of new applications and integration come into the market with WebRTC. But for the last three years, the first comment that the naysayers have made is that Microsoft and Apple do not support WebRTC. Never mind that Chrome and Firefox are gaining in popularity, the fact that Edge and Safari did not support WebRTC was always the primary reason to continue with proprietary implementations, often based on last decade or even last millennium technology. Now the number of holdouts is down to one. Microsoft announced yesterday that they are stepping up to provide WebRTC 1.0 support, while increasing the drive for the additional functionality in ORTC.

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