Weemo Changes its Name to SightCall

New brand makeover marks the company’s continued expansion in Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC)

September 10, 2014, San Francisco, CA – Leading WebRTC Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider Weemo today announced it has changed its name to SightCall™, a name more befitting the markets and the business challenges the company is addressing. Weemo’s video cloud logo is replaced by a new brand identity that offers a sophisticated contrast to the generic video, chat or cloud icon style of many WebRTC offerings.

SightCall is answering the question of what is next for a telecommunication industry that has long waded in hardware and stand alone solutions instead of taking the challenge of delivering a way to communicate better beyond text, audio or video. One touch to video in the context of your application, the ability to show through the screen with a virtual remote pointer, screen sharing, remote drawing and cloud recording across any device are a few of the solutions SightCall provides. And, with a global network of data centers interconnected to Tier1 Telcos, SightCall guarantees up-time no matter the location.

“Even if it is often cumbersome, people were already capable of video conferencing with each other. Now SightCall delivers a complete real-time communication experience,” CEO Thomas Cottereau remarked. “Once we saw beyond video calling to the possibilities of a complete RTC platform, SightCall was bound to change the way businesses interact. Since it is embedded in your mobile and web app, SightCall enables you to create amazing in-context experiences. We provide rich APIs to go to market fast, make things simple and enable your business in new and different ways,” he continued.

Along with the name and logo changes the company is launching a new website (http://www.sightcall.com). The new website is a complete redesign with much more content focused at the company’s core markets of telemedicine, customer service, enterprise collaboration. Over the next several months the new brand will be roll-out to all facets of the SightCall business. SightCall Video PaaS, API, SDK, and general product rebranding will continue through September.

SightCall has also just launched SightCall Video Support Agent™, a new App in the Salesforce AppExchange®. The new SightCall App for Salesforce® provides users of Salesforce Service Cloud® and Live Agent® a one-touch video support experience similar to Amazon Mayday on any desktop or mobile device. The application also lets support agents initiate a video interaction during text chat with a customer, creating a more engaging customer experience. As an option, Saleforce Service Cloud agents and customers can choose to share their screen for easy follow-along or quick troubleshooting.

The company introduced a new tagline as well: Taking the Telecomplication out of WebRTC. “One of the biggest challenges a web developer faces with WebRTC is the need to learn how to deal with all the challenges presented when doing Real Time Communications,” said SightCall COO, Antoine Vervoort. “We built a Video PaaS to abstract the telecom complexity from the developer making, integrating and deploying WebRTC much simpler. Forget about Jitter, packet loss, transit time, peering, codec management, Frames per second … we built it and manage it for you 24/7, this is what our new website and tagline is about.”

About SightCall:
SightCall provides a WebRTC Platform as a Service (PaaS) encompassing a global real-time video infrastructure and a development framework composed of APIs and mobile SDKs. The Sightcall Global Video PaaS abstracts the complexity associated with leveraging WebRTC such as: deploying hardware, authenticating users, auto-adjusting the resolution to the environment or delivering reliable multi-party video chat. It also extends WebRTC to all devices (including iOS) and all web browsers (including IE and Safari).

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