What is a Virtual Meeting Room, and how can you benefit from having one?


Story by Anders Løkke

You can think of a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) as you would think of a physical one: Everyone knows where it is, it has a name, and perhaps even some collaboration tools in it – a few chairs and a table you can sit around and discuss. And of course, it has a screen where you can share information, documents, presentations, and much more.

A Virtual Meeting Room is much the same. But instead of having a physical location, it has a virtual address in the form of a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), formatted just like an email address. This address is unique. A VMR is a personal static resource, just like your email address. So perhaps, if your email address is name@company.com, your personal VMR would be meet.name@company.com.

But how do you use it and how can you benefit from having one?

How do I use a VMR?

A Pexip VMR is a simple and easy way to meet on video or audio, and in which you can share presentations and collaborate. It is always available and always accessible for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings. And, because it is a static resource with a unique name and address, it is easy to invite people to it.


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