What is Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center brings many benefits to the workplace

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The newest addition to the company’s family of connectivity and collaboration tools, Zoom Contact Center improves customer support through video-supported communications.
Understanding the Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Video Communications announced the debut of its helpdesk product in February 2022 – introducing an omnichannel help desk technology designed for video and incorporated into the Zoom interface.

Through the pandemic, Zoom became almost synonymous with group video calls, crossing the office to fuel the interpersonal relationships of millions of people worldwide. The same capability will be available when connecting with clients/customers.

Zoom Contact Center (initially known as Zoom Video Engagement Center) integrates multiple forms of communication and helpdesk features with the Zoom platform’s ease of use and accessibility. It covers customer support cases and procedures using video, phone, messaging, and web chat, some of which are in the beta stage.
Key Features of the Zoom Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center is designed to be a video-first support hub but also accepts voice calls. Additionally, it has several contact centre-specific features to make life easier for support teams. For example, real-time analytics provide organizations with information on agent performance, call time, processing times, quality service fulfilment, and much more. Some of these key features of the Zoom Contact Center include:

Omnichannel compatibility

Zoom Contact Center is geared for video, unlike most other solutions that primarily focus on voice, chat, or email. It provides access to various channels, including phone and video, along with texting and online chat.

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