What the flip is Pexip?!


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Pexip, one of the most disruptive newcomers into the Video Conferencing Industry, is taking Europe by storm.

The team –  a brainy bunch of ex-Tandberg’ers – have found their niche in simplicity & interoperability, whilst solving a whole host of problems associated with the likes of Microsoft Lync, bandwidth challenges and WebRTC.

Here, we take a dive into what’s going on in the world of virtual video conferencing infrastructure and help answer the question, “What the flip is Pexip?!

Any-to-Any: Playing that broken record again?

The “Any-to-any” phrase has become the video conferencing world equivalent of a mobile phone provider offering “unlimited data”… you can be pretty damn sure there’s going to be a catch. But just as you’d be rather pleasantly surprised if you could download films on your mobile to your hearts content with no hefty end-of-the-month bill, we are pretty surprised of what we have managed to bring together with the help of Pexip.

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