Why 80 Million Microsoft Teams Phone Users Is Just the Beginning

A close look at Teams user numbers shows potential for massive growth.

Story by Kevin Kieller, No Jitter

A call is a call, whether it involves the PSTN or whether it is internal to an organization or external. I say this upfront because this piece is about how Microsoft defines Teams callers now and how there’s a lot of room for growth.

Recently, Microsoft said it’s got 80 million active Teams phone users. Microsoft is including both VoIP and PSTN calls in its definition of phone users, which is entirely reasonable. With 270 million monthly active users of Teams and given how easy it is for any of these users to make a peer-to-peer call and thus become a “phone user,” 80 million active phone users is realistic.

Unlike some who have suggested Microsoft is exaggerating, I am surprised there are 190 million active Teams users who don’t take advantage of calling capabilities on a regular basis. Given how well Teams calling supports a hybrid work environment, I would expect the number of Teams phone users to grow.

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