Why Cisco’s Project Squared Requires Firefox


Story Dave Michels

As of today, Firefox offers the most versatility for WebRTC, with support of two video codecs, including Cisco’s beloved OpenH264.

It’s a familiar drill with WebRTC: A new application that provides browser-based, real-time communications works in Chrome — and sometimes Firefox, too.

The “browser-based, real-time” of WebRTC has a nice ring to it, but frequently includes an asterisk that specifies Chrome. What kind of standard is this WebRTC? — a contentious, proposed one, that’s what kind. Chrome supports Google’s vision of WebRTC plus added signaling services, and Firefox supports a narrower implementation of the proposed standard.

Last month, Cisco unleashed Project Squared, a WebRTC-based application that provides asynchronous and real-time communication services including video. Project Squared works in the other leading browsers but requires Firefox Version 3.3 or later to access the real-time components. It just might be the first WebRTC application that only works with Firefox for real-time communications. Blasphemous?

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