Why Use a Secure Video Conferencing Program


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When it comes to the question of security for video conferencing, one often comes across two extreme and opposing attitudes among managers. A lot of them truly undervalue the importance of secure video conferencing and believe that their business is too mundane and far beyond the scope of anyone outside their organization’s interest. This type of manager would not hesitate to use Skype or regular chat to hold meetings and share confidential company information.

On the other hand, one just as often meets managers who are paranoid about conducting meetings of any importance online, who are afraid of their research and industry insights leaking and reaching their competitors or others who shouldn’t be privy to this information. This type of manager will go to extreme lengths, often wasting resources, to ensure that meetings are for the most part face-to-face affairs. Both approaches are often catastrophic and reflect a lack of appreciation for today’s reality. Secure video conferencing programs, like the one offered by Blue Jeans, are solutions designed specifically for organizations that need to hold virtual meetings and who need these meetings to be secure. Here’s why you should use a secure video conferencing program, as well as a closer look at how one should operate.

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