Will telemedicine help healthcare achieve the triple aim?


Story by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The triple aim is the goal of current healthcare reform through the implementation and adoption of health information technology, but are healthcare organizations and providers overlooking the role of telemedicine in achieving this end?

“The country is trying to figure out how you improve the quality of care for everyone and do so at a lower cost,” says Yulun Wang, PhD, President of the American Telemedicine Association Board of Directors and Chairman & CEO of InTouch Health. “There aren’t many ways to do that, to be frank.”
The healthcare industry is already facing a difficult challenging in transition from volume to value in terms of reimbursements. Add to that what is down the road and the challenge is exacerbated.
“You’ve got an aging population,” Wang explains. “You’ve got the ongoing advancement of medical care so the potential of quality care is always getting better because medical science is getting better. You’ve got a shrinking number of healthcare providers. Given those trends lines, how do you achieve higher quality of care for everyone at a lower cost?”
So what is the solution? According Wang, telemedicine has an important part to play in answering that question.

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