Workflow Is The New Work, And It Needs Unified Communications


Story by Adrian Bridgewater, Forbes
Communications used to be a thing. Now, in 2017, communications is a platform. So much is this so that we find firms specializing in the so-called ‘Unified Communications’ space. Pushing this concept to service-based cloud computing delivery we logically get to Unified Communications -as-a-Service (or UCaaS, if you can stomach one more acronym).

What makes communications unified?

But what makes communication unified… and anyway, what was wrong with phone calls, emails and meetings?

The crucial thing to remember is that IT vendors are attempting to push us to a ‘single platform’ in every aspect of business, especially content and communications. We’ve heard the argument before, if an enterprise has one single financial or ERP or CRM system, then why shouldn’t it use a single technology platform to look after communications?

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