Working Remotely? Don’t be Afraid of Showing your Face! – Interested?

Eric Yuan, CEO and Founder of Zoom, explains why face-to-face communications is the most effective way for people to stay in touch when working remotely, and provides tips for those that are hesitant to do so

Story by Eric Yuan, Martech Advisor

If you want to level the playing field when you’re working remotely you’ve got to show your face! Studies have found that facial expressions and body language comprise at least 70 percent of communications, and that more than 80 percent of business professionals believe face-to-face meetings are better for building trust and strong client relationships.

I founded Zoom, a video and web communications technology company, because I am passionate about the benefits video conferencing can deliver by allowing people separated by miles – or offices – to meet face-to-face. However, while millions of organizations use video conferencing, many are missing opportunities to be more effective because they don’t turn on their video camera. In fact, Zoom recently conducted a survey to find out just how widespread “video avoidance” was and learned that nearly a third of our users turn off their video at least half the time or more. Nearly 20 percent said their personal appearance (tired looking, hadn’t had time to shower, etc.) was a factor in choosing to turn off their cameras and 60 percent said their background settings look unprofessional or are distracting.

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